Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alice Cooper's New Album 'Along Came the Spider' Due in August 2008

Alice Cooper is clear evidence that you don't have to put your life on the line for rock and roll: "I don't think you need to die for your art"

He recently recieved the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award at the MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert, the fund supports addicts of many kinds through recovery

"I've made myself very available to friends of mine, they're people who would call me late at night and say, 'Between you and me, I've got a problem.'"

"I think the older bands are a lot hipper than the younger bands when it comes to the drinking and drug thing, because we've been through it,all you need is for one guy to drop dead next to you until you get a real clear picture of it."

Cooper's latest album "Along Came A Spider," is said to be 75% complete and most likely for release this August

"It's a real 'Alice' album, conceptually, it's going to be pretty interesting."

The release will be a concept album, based on the life of a serial killer called Spider who kills his victims using a silk web.

Image: Courtesy Warner Bros

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