Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who Loves Trapeze ? The Band That Made Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and Mel Galley (Judas Priest)

There are many bands who we seem to hear less and less about in the new century, bands arec at risk of becoming lost in the history of rock. Montrose, Brian Auger, The James Gang and Trapeze

Trapeze were an English band, formed in 1969, including Dave Holland on drums (later with Judas Priest), Glenn Hughes on vocals and bass (later of Deep Purple), and Mel Galley on lead guitar who played for latter day Uriah Heep.

They sufferred many personell changes between 1969 and their final album in 1993, their best album is probably Medusa released in 1970 with the brilliant song Black Cloud

In 2003 On the Highwire, a best-of album was released with 23 tracks, including "Black Cloud",
"Way Back To The Bone", "Keepin' Time", "Your Love Is Alright" and "Back Street Love".

They are pretty well known amongst musicians: their songs have been played live by the likes of Pat Travers and Ozzy Osbourne guitarists Jake E Lee

Check them out, you won't be dissapointed.

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