Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Ultimate Rock Playlist: Rock Revival's Top 100 Songs

If Rolling Stone, Uncut, Classic Rock Mojo, NME can all do it so can we; here is our top 100 tracks of all time, the ultimate playlist of the past 40 years, with well known and not-so-well known masterpieces of rock.

1 Baba O'Riley -The Who
2 Humble Pie - Hot & Nasty
3 Wishbone Ash - Blowin' Free
4 Funk #49 -James Gang
5 The Pusher -Steppenwolf
6 Rainbow In The Dark -Ronnie James Dio
7 Stay With Me- Rod Stewart & the Small Faces
8 Bitter Sweet Symphony -The Verve
9 Dreams-Fleetwood Mac
10 Black licorice -Grand Funk Railroad
11 Waste Away -Spocks Beard
12 Supernaut -Black Sabbath
13 Caravan (Live) -Van Morrison
14 Fire -Arthur Brown
15 Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs Velvet underground
16 Dark Star -Grateful Dead
17 Cortez The Killer -Neil Young
18 Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child
19 Vengeance - New Model Army
20 Bad Penny -Rory Gallagher
21 Fortunate Son -Creedence Clearwater Revival
22 Free Ride -Edgar Winter Group
23 Lead Me To Your Door-Black Label Society
24 Sound Of Muzak -Porcupine Tree
25 Lazy Sunday -The Small Faces
26 You Can All Join In -Traffic
27 Feelin' Alright -Joe Cocker
28 sorry she's mine -The Small Faces
29 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath -Black Sabbath
30 Alright Now -Free
31 Tempus Fugit -Yes
32 Black Cloud -Trapeze
33 Peace Frogs -The Doors
34 Blinded By the Light -Manfred Mann
35 Fire On The Mountain -The Grateful Dead
36 Lorelei -Styx
37 Still loving you -Sonata Arctica
38 Whatever You Want -Status Quo
39 Take Cover -Queensryche
40 Ann Wilson - Immigrant Song
41 Melvins- Revolve
42 Wild Cherry -Foghat
43 Dogs-Pink Floyd
44 Next To You -Buckcherry
45 John Hiatt - Have a little faith in me
46 House of Doom -Black Label Society
47 Back Door Man -Black Oak Arkansas
48 Hole In The World -Eagles
49 Mr Bluesky -E.L.O
50 Games People Play -Alan Parsons Project
51 Always Somewhere -Scorpions
52 N.S.U. -Cream
53 Silverchair - Tomorrow
54 Cleveland Rocks- Ian Hunter
55 Darkness_Earth In Search Of A Home -Jeff Beck
56 Eight Miles High -The Byrds
57 Rush - Fly By Night
58 Die For Your Government -Anti-Flag
59 Back in the Saddle -Aerosmith
60 Problem Child -ACDC
61 Hot, Sweet and Sticky -Montrose
62 Easy Money -Foghat
63 Sweet Home Alabama -Lynyrd Skynyrd
64 Forever down -Black Label Society
65 Clean My Wounds -Corosion of Conformity
66 Fastback-69 -Buckcherry
67 Blue on Black Kenny Wayne Sheppard Band
68 Don't Look Back -Boston
69 It don't come easy -Ringo Starr
70 The Fire Inside -Bob Seger
71 The Eyes of Medusa -Symphony X
72 Paradigm Shift -Liquid Tension Experiment
73 Fox On The Run -Sweet
74 Hot for Teacher -Van Halen
75 The Gods Made Heavy Metal - Manowar
76 Don't Tread On Me -Metallica
77 Wild Men From The Mountains -Black Oak Arkansas
78 Whiskey Headed Woman -Tommy Bolin
79 Machine Gun- Jimi Hendrix
80 Love Removal Machine -The Cult
81 Hurry Up Harry -Sham 69
82 Chop Suey -System Of A Down
83 What I Like About You -The Kinks
84 Heaven on their Minds -Queensryche
85 Down by the River -Buddy Miles
86 Tell Mama -Savoy Brown
87 Panic Attack -Dream Theatre
88 On The Hunt -Lynyrd Skynyrd
89 Bad Motor Scooter -Montrose
90 Dreams -Allman Brothers
91 Cocaine -Black Crowes
92 Operator Please-Just A Song About Ping Pong
93 I Feel Like A Wog- The Stranglers
94 Lip Gloss And Black -Atreyu
95 Bad Moon Rising feat.- Gretchen Wilson/Ann Wilson
96 Status Quo - Pictures Of Matchstick Men
97 True Confessions -The Undertones
98 Summertime Blues -Blue Cheer
99 Hell Bent For Leather -Judas Priest
100 Friday On My Mind -Easybeats

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