Wednesday, March 19, 2008

'Shine a Light' Soundtrack Rolling Stones Due For Release April 2008

The Rolling Stones have previously released two double live albums, Love You Live, which captures their famous 1975 US Tour and Live Lick's 2004. The soundtrack to Martin Scorsese's film 'Shine a Light' will serve as their third due for release April 1 2008
The exciting thing is that it will features what they do best, classic songs, with none taken from Bigger Bang
Guests include Jack Black from the White Stripes, Christina Aguiliera (what the ?) and BLUESGOD Buddy Guy, the man who taught Hendrix and who Eric also thinks is God
The album will also be available on single disc format
Disc one
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" "Shattered" "She Was Hot"* "All Down the Line"* "Loving Cup"* - features Jack White "As Tears Go By"* (Jagger/Richards/Oldham) "Some Girls"* "Just My Imagination" (Norman Whitfield/Barrett Strong) "Far Away Eyes"* "Champagne & Reefer"* (Muddy Waters) - features Buddy Guy "Tumbling Dice" Band introductions "You Got the Silver"* "Connection"*
Disc two
"Sympathy for the Devil" "Live With Me" - features Christina Aguilera "Start Me Up" "Brown Sugar" "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" "Paint It Black" "Little T&A"* "I'm Free" "Shine a Light"
* First time released on an official live album.
Single disc editon
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" "She Was Hot" "All Down the Line" "Loving Cup" "As Tears Go By" "Some Girls" "Just My Imagination" (Whitfield/Strong) "Far Away Eyes" "Champagne & Reefer" (Waters) Band introductions "You Got the Silver" "Connection" "Sympathy for the Devil" "Live With Me" "Start Me Up" "Brown Sugar"

Image: Interscope/Polydor

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