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Rush Snakes & Arrows Live CD Release April 8 2008

Snakes and Arrows heralded a massive come back for seminal progressive rock band Rush when it was released in May 2007; debuting at #3 on the Billboard chart, certified gold in Canada and the track 'Malignant Narcissism' nominated for a Grammy.

The success of this album can be traced back to the writing technique; essentially starting by jamming and then gradually moulding their idea, a technique that they employed in their massively succesful 70's releases.

This process was encouraged by the Foo Fighters producer, resulting in an album with all the complexity of Fly By Night (1974) or 2122 (1976)

Rush will release a new double CD, "Snakes & Arrows Live", on April 8.

Although it has not been announced, a two-DVD set should to be released in late summer.

The 2008 stage of the "Snakes & Arrows" tour will commence April 11 in San Juan, Puerto and finish July 22 in Atlanta

Disc 1

1. Limelight (From: Moving Pictures)

2. Digital Man (From: Signals)

3. Entre Nous (From: Permanent Waves)

4. Mission (From: Hold Your Fire)

5. Freewill (From: Permanent Waves)

6. The Main Monkey Business (From: Snakes & Arrows)

7. The Larger Bowl (From: Snakes & Arrows)

8. Secret Touch (From: Vapor Trails)

9. Circumstances (From: Hemispheres)

10. Between The Wheels (From: Grace Under Pressure)

11. Dreamline (From: Roll The Bones)

12. Far Cry (From: Snakes & Arrows)

13. Workin' Them Angels (From: Snakes & Arrows)

14. Armor and Sword (From: Snakes & Arrows)

Disc 2

1. Spindrift (From: Snakes & Arrows)

2. The Way the Wind Blows (From: Snakes & Arrows)

3. Subdivisions (From: Signals)

4. Natural Science (From: Permanent Waves)

5. Witch Hunt (From: Moving Pictures)

6. Malignant Narcissism (From: Snakes & Arrows) - De Slagwerker (Neil Peart's Drum Solo)

7. Hope (From: Snakes & Arrows)

8. Distant Early Warning (From: Grace Under Pressure)

9. The Spirit of Radio (From: Permanent Waves)

10. Tom Sawyer (From: Moving Pictures)

11. One Little Victory (From: Vapor Trails)

12. A Passage to Bangkok (From: 2112)

13. YYZ (From: Moving Pictures)

Image: Courtesy Atlantic

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