Friday, February 15, 2008

Best Album of 2008 So Far: Black Mountain, In The Future New Release

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have just heard something fantastic, a band that's only 4 years old, the Canadian, Black Mountain. It's sounds like it's from another era, psychadelic, Blue Cheer, early Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, I think you get it.

Apparently they are a front for Black Mountain Army, a music collective, with core members who help the poor, addicted and mentally ill in Vancouver, where heroin is a big problem.

Seems paradoxical when Black Mountain seems to refer to hash, but good paradox.

I have to say this is one of the best things I have heard in a long time. They have two albums, Black Mountain (2005) and In the Future (Dirt Farmer in Australia) which is due in the Aussie shops next week. It's been out a few weeks in the UK already, debuting at number 72 on the charts.

This is from their press release, which are usually a load of bollocks, this one is'nt

Favorite psych-and-prog-spiritual pioneers BLACK MOUNTAIN are back with "In The Future", their second full-length album that resonates with the same epic ring, beloved deep rock touchstones and genuine folk fragility that made their self-titled debut full-length an instant classic. The new album possesses immense breadth, seamlessly showcasing short and classic folk-pop gems along with driving modern rock masterpieces, peaking with "Bright Lights", a seventeen-minute multi-dimensional opus that gives Pink Floyd's "Echoes" a run for its money..

This is HIGHLY reccomended !

Images: Courtesy Jagjaguwar

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