Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stamping Ground: Kralingen Pop Festival 1970, New Release

Monterey, Woodstock and then the disaster of Altamont (late 1969).

We often think that Altamont represented the end of the Festival but there was another very important one to come, in Rotterdam, Holland, 1970: The Kralingen Pop Festival ! This would be the European Woodstock, much like Sunbury here is Australia, giving European’s their own special taste of the Summer of Love.

The amazing thing about Kralingen, despite the presence of Santana, Canned Heat and Jefferson Airplane, was the strong contingency of British acts, heavy on the prog, folk and fusion, but little known in the U.S.A. Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Family, Fairport Convention and Caravan were all in attendance.
Marc Bolan and Trex were also present, ensuring that not all the British music took itself to seriously.

Spin CD’s have just announced the release of a 3 x Vinyl album “Stamping Ground: The Music of the 1970 Kralingen Pop Festival, which to my knoweldge has not been released on CD (please make a comment if you think it has).

Were you at Kralingen ? Know more about the Festival ? Please tell us more !

Image: Courtesy Deram

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