Friday, February 8, 2008

Prog Rock Heaven: NEARFest June 2008

Ok, I love Australia, it's summer now, the beaches are better (or if your in the UK, we have beaches), we don't take life to seriously, the beer is cold, etc.

Only one thing could make it perfect and that is if NEARFest was held in Sydney rather than the good ol' USA.

NEARfest is a progressive rock festival, THE progressive rock festival, held each year in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, easy driving distance from NYC. They sell out completely every year in less than an hour, an invitation can cause a prog rock band to reunite (Nektar, Angalgard), and no consideration is given whatsoever to bands who sell more records than others ( or even if anyone had heard of them before)

Here is a quick summary of the line-up

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

It's not widely known but prog was not just a UK/USA thing in the 70's, it was massive in Italy. Banco.. have released twelve studio albums in their lifetime, have deviated to pop sounds in the 80;s, but are back where they belong for this outing in the USA

Liquid Tension Experiment

See last post, Dream Theatre side project, regrouping for NEARfest


Short for Derek Wiiliam Dick, Scottish Prog Rock Singer, often compared to Peter Gabriel and previously with Marrillion

Peter Hammill

Founding member of Van Der Graaf Generator, UK prog rock band who made it big in Italy in the 70's


A cross between Yes, Stravinsky and the Beatles, contemporary prog from America

Radio Massacre International

Think Tangerine Dream, ambient space music

Koenji Hykkei

Japanese prog, WOW, with nonsense lyrics, jazz fusion, prog, minimalism

...............and more

Oh well, back to the surf, then a beer, get a suntan, she'll be right......................

Image: Magna Carta

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