Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dream Theatre Greatest Hits (& 21 other pretty cool songs) for release April 1 2008

Dream Theatre are clearly one of the most succesful prog rock bands since the heyday of the 1970’s, holding true to the technical brilliance of Yes and Gentle Giant but bringing it into the Metal age, making it OK to listen to contemporary Metal without the need for an excorcism when your finished.

It’s pretty amazing how time flies; Dream Theatre are still in my mp3 playlist as “New Prog”, along with the Mars Volta, Epica, Kamelot and Coheed and Cambria and Liquid Tension Experiment (Intrumental Dream Theatre side project). They have actually just celebrated 20 years in the business, releasing ten studio albums, all without help from radio or MTV.

(Note: Liquid Tension Experiment will feature in NEARFest 2008, held in Bethlehem, USA)

On April 1 they will release a long overdue Dream Theatre’s Greatest Hits (& 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs), named proudly for the fact that ‘Pull Me Under’ was their only real popular hit. It’s a double album, spanning 2 hours, 1 (The Dark Side) dedicated to metal, and other (The Light Side) to their Melodic songs.

Here’s the playlist:

Disc 1 (The Dark Side):1. Pull Me Under (2007 Remix) 2. Take The Time (2007 Remix) 3. Lie (Single Edit) 4. Peruvian Skies 5. Home (Single Edit) 6. Misunderstood (Single Edit) 7. The Test That Stumped Them All 8. As I Am 9. Endless Sacrifice 10. The Root Of All Evil 11. Sacrificed Sons

Disc 2 (The Light Side):1. Another Day (2007 Remix) 2. To Live Forever 3. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream 4. The Silent Man 5. Hollow Years 6. Through Her Eyes (Alternate Album Mix) 7. The Spirit Carries On 8. Solitary Shell (Single Edit)

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