Monday, February 4, 2008

Mapping the Rock Genome: What Do The Sex Pistols and The Bee Gees Have in Common ?

Did you know that rock has it's own version of the human genome project with the site which identifies all of the convoluted connections between one album or band and another.

Deep Purple, for example is connected to Porcupine Tree: Jon Lord was in Deep Purple and Whitesnake, Neil Murray was in Whitesnake and National Health, Pip Pyle was in National Health and Pyle, Iung and Greaves, John Greaves was in a band called The Lodge, Jakko Jacsyk from The Lodge was in Dizrhymia and their Gavin Harrison is in Porcupine Tree

Thanks all well and good but what about more unlikely combinations.

Sex Pistols and Black Sabbath ? No worries, you can trace the genome through members of albums from Sex Pistols to The Greedies to Thin Lizzy to Colloseum to Black Sabbath

Sex Pistols to Electric Light Orchestra ? Easy, Sex Pistols to the Greedies to The Rockers to Electric Light Orchestra.

Ok thats all well and good, but lets take the bar higher even higher....

Sex Pistols and the Bee Gees ? Paul Cook was in the Sex Pistols and the Greedies, Phil Lynott was in the Greedies and The Rockers, Charles Hodges was in the Rockers and Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, Cliff Bennett was in Toe Fat, Alan Kendall was in Toe Fat and the Bee Gees

So what about Kylie Minogue and BlueCheer ?

Dolly Parton and Megadeth ?

Head straight to to find out
Images: Courtesy Paramount/Virgin

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