Saturday, February 23, 2008

Keith Richards Adds a New Member to His Family: His Brain Surgeon !

What the ?

Keith Richards has a new member of his family: no not a pet, but his brainsurgeon !

Dr Andrew Law, a New Zealander, who performed life saving surgery on Keef in 2006, after he fell trying to climb a tree in Fiji.

The Bigger Bang insurers insisted the Doctor travel with him for the remainder of the tour and he simply hasn’t left since.

Apparently he lives with Richards and his wife Patti and the kids and travels with them between their 2 homes in the US and UK.

Keith keeps him around because he claims he has few friends outside of the rock and roll circus.

"We go out and have fish and chips and a beer." said Law to the british newspaper the Daily Mail, : "I don't think he's run into too many neurosurgeons and I haven't run into too many rock stars."

Image: Courtesy Atlantic

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Wow, pretty cool!

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