Saturday, February 9, 2008

Buddy Guy in Sydney March 13 2008

OK, if I told you that Buddy Guy was the man who inspired Jimi Hendrix with his stage antics, teeth playing, behind the back work, etc, you would'nt believe me.

If I told you that he is the man who Eric Clapton calls God, you'd say Who ?

He is one of the great electric blues palyers who toured Europe in the 60's as part of the American Folk Blues Festival, the show that set Eric, The Stones and Pete Townshend on fire.

Guitar magazine: "Without Buddy Guy, the blues, not to mention rock as we know it, might be a heckuva lot less interesting today. Take the blues out of contemporary rock music—or pop, jazz and funk for that matter—and what you have left is a wholly spineless affair. A tasteless stew. Makes you shudder to think about it... "

Jeff Beck: "Geez, you can’t forget Buddy Guy. He transcended blues and started becoming theater. It was high art, kind of like drama theater when he played, you know. He was playing behind his head long before Hendrix. I once saw him throw the guitar up in the air and catch it in the same chord."

Eric Clapton: "Buddy Guy is by far and without a doubt the best guitar player alive...if you see him in person, the way he plays is beyond anyone. Total freedom of spirit, I guess… He really changed the course of rock and roll blues."

Catch him (it will be one of best concerts you have ever seen) at the great Enmore Theatre March 13 Ticketek and at East Coast Bluesfest Easter long weekend

Image: Courtesy Jive

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