Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Airbourne Set For Biggest Metal Event of the Year: Rockstar Energy Mayhem Tour 2008

Aussie rock band Airbourne will join a host of very serious metal bands on the United States Mayhem Metal Tour in July and August this year. This will be the biggest metal event of 2008 in the USA, given the scaled down Ozzfest announced by Sharon Osbourne.

This a step up for Airbourne who, while hard rocking, can still be seen as a ACDC copycat band, NOT that there is anything wrong with that !

These country boys from Warnambool are going to be in pretty scary company: Cookie-monster lunatics Slipnot (rubbish) and the Disturbed don't excactly fit with the tongue in cheek style of Airbourne. I think we can be pretty confident that both of these bands don't get Irony.

One of the bands that probably does is Dragonforce, Kansas on Speed, what the video game of the Immigrant Song would sound like, pretty funny, but great melodies nevertheless.

Another is the brilliant Mastodon (best band name in metal, although translated into Greek it means Nipple Tooth, another great name for a band ?). They will probably the smartest band in the room, making prog metal with all the sophistication and jazz drumming that goes along with it.

Image: Courtesy EMI/Roadrunner

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