Friday, January 25, 2008

Van Morrison Keeps it Simple on New March Release

I think we can all accept by now that Van Morrison will never come up with another Astral Weeks, hit the high notes of ‘Summertime in England’ or the beauty of ‘Caravan’ live on ‘It’s Too Late to Stop Now’. One of the problems with Van is that his 70’s and 80’s output was so formidable that all it can be hard to appreciate his recent work. If you’re completely addicted to these early albums his new stuff can actually leave you cold.

In this sense Van has been the victim of his own brilliance; his newer albums may not have the earnest spiritual focus of his youth but, for a decade, he has been producing mature reflections on skiffle, jazz, soul and country.

Van Morrison's next album 'Keep It Simple' will be no different. It is his 33rd studio album and first consisting of all original songs since What's Wrong with This Picture (2003). This album, due for release in March will contain 11 songs, all bare stripped down affairs

Image: Courtesy Warner Bros

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