Thursday, January 24, 2008

Legal Troubles Over Massive Haul of Hendrix Bootlegs

Fuego Entertainment claims to have 200 live bootleg perfomances, representing the greatest haul of unheard Hendrix recordings of all time. This haul amounts to ELEVEN double albums that it has planned to release for public consumption. Experience Hendrix, which owns and manages Hendrix material has taken legal action, insisting that Fuego desists from releasing them due to their inferior quality. Experience Hendrix has already blocked their release by their prior owners Purple Haze Records. Fuego is the same company that recently claimed to have unreleased Beatles recordings from Hamburg (1962) (see post on this blog).
Image: Courtesy MCA

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Jeff said...

Nothing is quite like hearing live Hendrix material. I would sure love to get my hands on all those bootlegs...