Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Rolling Stones Leave EMI ?

With Paul McCarteny and Radiohead leaving EMI are the Rolling Stones set to follow suit ? Guy Hands must be sweating, the CEO of the company spending 3.2 Billion last year on the company. Paul McCarteny has said the label became 'really very boring', Thom York says Mr Hands was like a 'confused bull in a china shop".

The Stones have signed with Universal Music for the soundtrack to Shine a LIght (Martin Scorsese), based on a live recording of a 2006 concert. With their 5 year EMI contract expiring in May 2008, they are said to be exploring their options

Kylie, Robbie Williams and Colplay are also all said to be considering the same.

Mr Hands is said to be culling 2000 staff from EMI andlots of bands (although he had'nt planned on it being these ones). His biggest mistake may have been his decision to cancel the 'flowers and fruit' budget', I think we all know what that means. No wonder they are all leaving.................

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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