Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rock Revival's Classic Albums (1976): Brand X 'Unorthodox Behaviour'

In the history of Jazz Fusion Brand X are a critical yet less well known institution. They formed in 1974, broke up in 1980 and reformed in the 90's and are amongst the most talented and sophisticated artists in the genre.

Brand X are perhaps best known for hosting Phil Collins as their some-time drummer. Other members included Keyboard player Robin Lumley, previously with Bowie's Spider's From Mars and John Goodsall of Atomic Rooster

Their first album, Unorthodox Behaviour, was turned down by Island Records and released by Genesis's label, Charisma

The album shines with everything a fan of prog-jazz needs: complextime signatures, adventurous arrangements, and experimental sounds. Phenomenal bass grooves, ferocious driving drums and complex solos snaking in and out of off-kilter themes. Think funky Mahivishnu and you just about have it

Highly reccomended.


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