Monday, January 5, 2009

Thin Lizzy Pay Tribute to Phil Lynott

Thin Lizzy is still together and released this statement yesterday in honor of Phil Lynott

"Philip Parris Lynott passed away 23 years ago today. Philo, we, indeed, remember you while you're away - thousands and thousands of people around the globe who you touched with your music and words. And it seems fitting to post the lyrics you wrote about another icon so many years ago, as it most definitely describes how so many of us feel tonight. We shall miss you and we raise a glass to you today, tonight!"

King's Call

It was a rainy night the night the king went down
Everybody was crying it seemed like sadness had surrounded the town
Me I went to the liquor store
And I bought a bottle of wine and a bottle of gin
I played his records all night
Drinking with a close, close friend

Now some people say that that ain't right
And some people say nothing at all
But even in the darkest of night
You can always hear the king's call
You can always hear the king's call

We still love you Phil !

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