Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tune in to Rock Revival Radio This Week

`HHH’appy to revive old rock classics

Tune in to Rock Revival Radio this week with Paul, Dave and John, streamed direct to you on the internet.

Our last show before Christmas can be heard 8-10pm Sydney time this Thursday night or 9-11am GMT Thursday morning everywhere else

John still hasnt decided on his Classic Album for this week, but he is weighing up between Easy Rider and Traffic's Low Spark of the High Heel Boys.

In Lost Stories of Rock we will be featuring the man who lent Jimmy Page his guitar for Led Zep 1 and was best mates with Elvis and George Harrison

Undercover features some pretty fascinating covers of King Crimson and The Band, one is featured on what NME unfairly described as 'the worst album ever made in the history of rock'.

Plus we will be having a look at three modern Prog bands that are just a little too obsessed with science fiction

All that and Dave will look far and wide through the 60's and 70's with This Day in Rock, attempting the incredible feat of not mentioning a drug-bust by David Crosby or where Rod Stewart is keeping his banana..

We will also explore some of the Forgotten Gems, (albums we have found in our basement) and Paul's Weekly Mash-Up (this week a Hip-Hop version of Season of the Witch)

All you have to do in Press here on Thursday; make sure your pop-ups are turned off !

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