Friday, December 19, 2008

Rock Revival's Forgotten Classics (1971): Ruby Jones 'Stone Junkie'

Here's clear evidence that back-up singers are often so much better than the artist they support,
Singer Ruby Starr was best-known as a backup singer for '70s macho man rockers Black Oak Arkansas.

This album was her debut, supervised by the great Curtis mayfield of all people. She shows that she is equal in vocal talent to Janis Joplin, funky, raucous, wild... she completely out classes Black Oak Arkansas frontman Jim Dandy who spotted her shortly after it's release

She was renamed Ruby Starr and toured with the band for several years before leaving the group to form the Ruby Jones Band in 1976, and issuing the album Scene Stealer the same year.

You must have this album !


(Source AllMusicGuide)

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