Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fame at last: Rock Revival Hits the Headlines

`HHH’appy to revive old rock classics

David Gore, John Beedham and Paul Rhodes of The Rock Revival, on Triple-H. Picture: SARA NIXON

BABYBOOMERS David Gore, John Beeham and Paul Rhodes just won’t let the good times die.

They grew up on a heady diet of rock music, shaking their heads and stamping their feet to the sounds of Bruce Springsteen, the Who and the Rolling Stones - so they are reviving the classics on their new Triple-H show.

It was a good era for music, they say; the trio enjoyed going to concerts and listening to bands in pubs.

“I suppose because the music is of my generation, I think it’s probably the best that has been done,” Mr Gore told the Advocate.

“We would like to educate people as to how good it was and remind those who grew up with it.”

The men, who were raised in different parts of the world but are united in their love of music, have come together to present a radio show through our local Hornsby station.

Each Thursday, from 8pm to 10pm on 100.1FM, they deliver The Rock Revival, a show which plays a mix of ‘60s and ‘70s music.

The presenters completed a training course at the community station in Edgeworth David Ave and went straight into delivering their own show.

Mr Rhodes said it was a great way to destress.

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