Sunday, November 2, 2008

Video of the Week: Peaches and Iggy Pop 'Kick It'

Ok, a confession, I am in love with Peaches !

....well maybe love's not the right word...she used to be a primary school teacher but now she's produces what might be coined fem-rock, synth-porn, avant-pop, call it what you will but anyone who comes out with an album called 'Impeach My Bush' is alright with me.

This video is from 2003, off her album 'Fatherfucker' (oh dear!). Check out her and Iggy fighting of Zombies

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terry walsh said...

peaches is real,not wannabe naughty,she says what is real not the filtered listener friendly 'non offensive' syrup sprinkled lyrics aimed at infirm wrinkled cynics whos ears are home to insect bones and long lost songs that only enid blyton understands.