Monday, November 10, 2008

Rock Revival's Top Ten Best Progressive Metal Albums

I have to confess that of all the many genres covered on Rock Revival Prog metal is probably my favourite.

It's got all the complexity of classic prog (ie: you dont get bored of it quickly, it takes a bit of effort to get into), the concept albums, the flirtation with fusion and classical PLUS the grunt of metal.

If you think prog is dead think again; Yes, Jethro Tull and Rush are all special but the prog being released today is equal in quality, there is no need to play that copy of Relayer for the 59th time !

Prog metal is a pretty varied beast. ProgArchives do a great job of defining it's many tentacles; they list a total of 8-subgenres since King Crimson in the 70's. (this site is definitely the best out there for prog generally)

Here are ten of Rock Revival's favourites

1. Dream Theatre: Images and Words

2. Ayreon The Human Equation

3. Liquid Tension Experiment 2

4. Mastodon: Leviathan

5. Fates Warning Parrallels

6. Opeth Watershed

7. Symphony X The Odyssey

8. Kamelot: Epica

9. Pain of Salvation: Remedy Lane

10. Riverside: Second Life Syndrome

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