Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rock Revival's Forgotten Classics (1973): Eloy 'Inside'

We are celebrating the Hammond Organ here this week on Rock Revival, so here's a lost classic laced with iy

Eloy were a brilliant German progressive rock band, one of so many actually,a combination of symphonic and space rock and appropriately named after a human race in HG Well's The Time Machine

Eloy was founded in 1969 by guitarist Frank Bornemann, who has stayed true to the band despite many line-up changes since their heyday

If you like Yes or Pink Floyd they are highly reccomended and not as obscure in sound as alot of krautrock

This album 'Inside' is accessible, a very good thing in my mind for krautrock and it's classic because of being their first real venture into prog

Have a listen

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