Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rock Revival's Classic Albums: Soft Machine 'Bundles' (1974)

Bundles is a 1975 album by the British psychedelic, progressive rock and jazz/fusion band Soft Machine, one of the critical bands in what is known as the Canterbury scene

On Bundles, only keyboardist and founding member Mike Ratledge and was joined by fusion guitar hero (formerly of Gong) Allan Holdsworth

His contribution set Soft Machine on a different course, given they had not featured a guitarist since their inception

The band now sounded more like Mahivishnu Orchestra, a brilliant thing in my mind, though not to everyones tatse.

On Soft Machine's last official studio album Softs (1976), he was replaced by John Etheridge

Hazard Profile Part 1 - Soft Machine

See the video here

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. Loved this album when it came out, though my tastes have changed since I was a teenager!

Question for you. Do you know who the artist was who painted the sleeve picture? Googling isn't getting me anywhere at the moment.


paul said...

ure but it loks like rousseau, not sure if thats the right spelling (or definite its the right man); thanks for visiting