Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rock Revival's Best Hammond Organ Infused Albums of All Time

We are celebrating the smoking Hammond Organ here on Rock Revival this week so lets start with a guide to the best albums laced with the B3

1. Second Wind:Brian Auger's Oblivion Express

The masters best effort

2. Soul Club: Memphis Black

A german take on stax, a phenomenal piece of funk-organ lounge

3. Tarkus: Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Carl Palmer used to play suspended on a spinning organ (a Hammond Organ i mean)

4. Life on mars: Atomic Rooster

This band rocks )better than Deep PUrple by a long shot)

5. House Party: Jimmy Smith

The jazz God of Hammond

6. Jack McDuff: Moon Rappin

Sitting at the right hand of God

7. Alamo: Alamo

Lost hard rock from the early 70's but incredible work

8. Look at Yourself: Uriah Heep

Goes without saying

9. Quatermass: Qautermass

Lost 70's rock lauded by Ritchie Blackmore

10. Five Bridges: The Nice


Here's Tarkus

Jimmy Smith

Here's Quatermass

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