Sunday, October 19, 2008

Johnny Winter - Live In America 1978 Released September 2 2008

Johnny Winter began performing at an early age with younger brother Edgar Winter. His actual recording career started at the age of 15, when his band, Johnny And The Jammers, released “School Day Blues” on a Houston record label. Later on his career, Johnny began playing as part of a trio with bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Uncle John Turner.

Further interest was generated in the group when an article in Rolling Stones was printed. The Album ‘Johnny Winter’ was released at the end of 1968 and he then went on to perform at numerous rock festivals including Woodstock. His popularity continued to grow, and this was shown by the sales of his following albums, including ‘Second Winter’ (1969) and ‘Still Alive and Well’ (1973). Johnny then fulfilled another dream by working with blues guitarist Muddy Waters and produced a number of Grammy winning albums.

During The 80’s Johnny had yet more Grammy-nominated releases with a new creative sound, which led him to be inducted in to the Blues Foundation Hall Of Fame. In 1991 Johnny returned to his blues roots with ‘Let Me In’. This CD included a number of guest appearances such as Dr John and Albert Collins. In 2005 Johnny entered another hall of fame. He was inducted in to the Southeast Texas walk of fame for his career accomplishments and his outstanding contribution to music. Johnny Winter is still going strong and will always be a name that sits at the top of the list of Blue’s greats!

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