Thursday, October 16, 2008

ClassicRockForever's New Interview with Yes's Jon Anderson

Here is an exerpt from a new interview ClassicRockForever has just done with Jon Anderson

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ClassicRockForever (CRF) It’s been a couple of months since the news about your health – do you have any updates that you’d like to share?

Jon Anderson (JA) As for my health now, I truly feel reborn, it’s gonna take some months before I can do shows, but my dreams are coming true. I have so many blessings, my wonderful Angel Janee, my beautiful kids, friends and family and fans alike. Their words of love and kindness have touched me beyond belief - and I am so thankful to the Stanford Hospital here in Palo Alto for helping me through this part of my life journey and of course Divine Mother for shining Her light always.

(CRF) Here’s a recent quote from Chris Squire to “Unfortunately Jon has had these health problems for the last few years, which is why it’s taken such a long time (since 2004) to have any YES shows out there. We’ve had to be very respectful of the fact he’s not been well and he’s been in and out of the hospital having quite a few major procedures. If Jon is well again next year, he’ll be back.” Do you see things the same way?

(JA) Like most people my age, I’m now 64 this month, the body/mind goes through so many changes. I feel that my health has always been strong enough for the band …up until 2004. There had been too many tours, too much friction from outside of the band. This had made it impossible to keep touring the way YES truly should - and with NO new music, a lack of passion for the music and each other, and no real promotion of who YES truly is, etc., things just looked so bleak. That’s why I suggested a break for 6 months, maybe do a progressive acoustic CD, and tour on a different style of touring, semi-acoustic for a while, and less shows per year…just for us to realize who we were. We were not communicating as a band should, both Rick and myself could see it happening, but sadly the others just wanted to keep going down that same touring spiral …that’s why YES hasn’t toured, it happens to the best.

(CRF) In the interim – where do your other passions lead you… to the School Of Rock?

(JA) Just very interesting times these days, musically, I’ve never felt more alive, working this last couple of years with (Paul Green’s) The School Of Rock opened my eyes, these young people- boys and girls, playing YES music ZAPPA music BEATLE music, with so much heart and love of it, so exciting. There will be new music; there will be modern music from these kids and others all over the world. Music is easy I say, it’s the business that’s tough and dangerous…$$$$$$ all around you…the big hustle to make stars and then what??? I’ve never bought into it…music is all too powerful.

There will always be great songs popping up here and there, and excellent artists to sing and play them…it has always been the case…
but vibrant MUSIC of the spheres, that’s what I need, that’s what I yearn to hear more clearly everyday… and to be part of that experience…thank the musical Gods for the young at heart.

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