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Van Morrison - 2008 Remasters Part Three

Great news for all Van the man fans, stage three of the reissue campaign will be released 29September, wooohooo!!!

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Van Morrison - 'A Period of Transition' (Expanded Re-Release)
Released three years after 'Veedon Fleece', 'A Period Of Transition' from 1977 is a warm, welcoming album permeated with a spiritual feel and less meditative than its predecessor and as the title suggests is a pivotal moment in Van's work. Co-produced by Mac Rebennack (Dr John) who also features on piano. Key tracks are The Eternal Kansas City (according to Dr. John "the song that Van got the whole album hooked up around") and the beautiful 'Flamingos Fly'. Now features The 'Street Only Knew Your Name' (alternative version) and 'Didn’t He Ramble' as previously-unreleased bonus tracks.
1. You Gotta Make It Through The World
2. It Fills You Up
3. The Eternal Kansas City
4. Joyous Sound
5. Flamingos Fly
6. Heavy Connection
7. Cold Wind In August
8. The Street Only Knew Your Name
9. Didn't He Ramble

Van Morrison - 'Beautiful Vision' (Expanded Re-Release)
A somewhat overlooked album, 'Beautiful Vision', from 1982, contains some of Van's very best and most-loved songs - 'Dweller on the Threshold', 'Cleaning Windows' (which has become one of his latter-day standards), 'Vanlose Stairway' and 'She Gives Me Religion'. Amongst the collaborators are Mark Isham, (whose trumpet and synthesiser arrangements give the album a quieter, contemplative feel in parts), Dire Straits guitarist Mark Knopfler and Pee Wee Ellis. The album now features 'Cleaning Windows' (alternative take) 'and Real Real Gone' (alternative take) as previously-unreleased bonus tracks.
1. Celtic Ray
2. Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
3. Dweller On The Threshold
4. Beautiful Vision
5. She Gives Me Religion
6. Cleaning Windows
7. Vanlose Stairway
8. Aryan Mist
9. Across The Bridge Where Angels Dwell
10. Scandinavia
11. Cleaning Windows Alternative Version Previously Unreleased
12. Real Real Gone Alternative Version Previously Unreleased

Van Morrison - 'How Long Has This Been Going On'' (Expanded Re-Release)
The album was recorded live at Ronnie Scott’s, in London with Georgie Fame, Annie Ross and Pee Wee Ellis amongst the featured musicians
Features Muleskinner Blues and The Healing Game (Jazz Version) as previously-unreleased bonus tracks.
1. I Will Be There Live (1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
2. The New Symphony Sid Live (1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
3. Early In The Morning Live (1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
4. Who Can I Turn To? Live (1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
5. Sack O' Woe Live (1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
6. Moondance Live (1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London) Jazz Version
7. Centerpiece Live (1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
8. How Long Has This Been Going On? Live (1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
9. Your Mind Is On Vacation Live (1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
10. All Saint's Day Live (1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
11. Blues In The Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me) Live (1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
12. Don't Worry About A Thing 1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
13. That's Life Live 1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
14. Heathrow Shuffle Live 1995/Ronnie Scott's Club, London)
15. Mule Skinner Blues Previously Released
16. The Healing Game Previously Unreleased Jazz Version

Van Morrison - 'Hymns To The Silence' (Expanded Re-Release)
Regarded by many as Van's best album of the '90s, 'Hymns To The Silence' from 1991 was described as a "panoramic view of where he's been and where he's going". It's an ambitious double album that combines R&B, folk, pop, Celtic, rock and even gospel, and its spirit is imbued with the artist,s evocative discovery of rock & roll while growing up in Belfast. The set is notable for two major collaborations - with the Chieftains, and Georgie Fame and it now features 'Ordinary Life' (alternative take) and 'Carrying A Torch' (alternative take) as previously unreleased bonus tracks.

CD One
1. Professional Jealousy
2. I'm Not Feeling It Anymore
3. Ordinary Life
4. Some Peace Of Mind
5. So Complicated
6. I Can't Stop Loving You
7. Why Must I Always Explain?
8. Village Idiot
9. See Me Through Part 2 (Just A Closer Walk With Thee)
10. Take Me Back
11. Ordinary Life Alternative Version Previously Unreleased

CD Two:
1. By His Grace
2. All Saints Day
3. Hymns To The Silence 2007 Re-mastered
4. On Hyndford Street Remastered 2007
5. Be Thou My Vision
6. Carrying A Torch
7. Green Mansions
8. Pagan Streams
9. Quality Street
10. It Must Be You
11. I Need Your Kind Of Loving
12. Carrying A Torch Alternative Version Previously Unreleased

Van Morrision - 'Poetic Champions Compose' (Expanded Re-Release)
Originally planned as a whole album of jazz instrumentals 'Poetic Champions Compose', from 1987, is a beautiful, mellow collection. It features three saxophone-led instrumentals, notably the glorious five-minute, Miles Davis-influenced opener 'Spanish Steps'. Van's voice is in fine soulful form on classics like 'I Forgot That Love Existed', live favourite 'Did Ye Get Healed?', the stunning, spiritual gem 'The Mystery' (featuring a string and woodwind arrangement by Fiachra Trench) and two towering love songs – 'Queen of the Slipstream' and 'Someone Like You'. Now features 'Alan Watts Blues' (alternative take) and 'I Forgot That Love Existed' (alternative take) as previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Spanish Steps
Queen Of The Slipstream
I Forgot That Love Existed
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Celtic Excavation
Someone Like You
Alan Watts Blues
Give Me My Rapture
Did Ye Get Healed
Allow Me
'Alan Watts Blues' (alternative take)
'I Forgot That Love Existed' (alternative take

Van Morrison - 'St Dominic's Preview' (Expanded Re-Release)
Following Morrison's two pastoral classics, 'Moondance' and 'Tupelo Honey', 'Saint Dominic's Preview', from 1972, continues the rich seam of soul-searching and skilful fusing of jazz, soul, R&B and folk-rock. The stunning first track 'Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile)' is euphoric R&B (its pop hit potential realised when covered by Dexys Midnight Runners). The album includes two epic, majestic anthems - 'Listen To The Lion' and 'Almost Independence Day' - hypnotic songs that hark back to the style of 'Astral Weeks'. Features 'Redwood Tree' (alternative take) and 'Brandy' as previously unreleased bonus tracks.
1. Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile) 2007 Re-mastered
2. Gypsy
3. I Will Be There
4. Listen To The Lion 2007 Re-mastered
5. Saint Dominic's Preview 2007 Re-mastered
6. Redwood Tree
7. Almost Independence Day
8. Redwood Tree Alternative Version
9. Brandy Previously Unreleased

Van Morrison - 'Tell Me Something' (Expanded Re-Release)
'Tell Me Something', Van's exceptional tribute to and collaboration with Mose Allison from 1996 was recorded in one day and all of the performances were live first or second takes to create a hip, swinging jazz album. The album features singer/pianist/producer Ben Sidran, Guy Barker, organ/vocal-sidekick Georgie Fame and Mose Allison himself. Now features 'Look What The Good People Done' (alternative version) as previously unreleased bonus track.
1. One Of These Days
2. You Can Count On Me (To Do My Part)
3. If You Live
4. Was
5. Look Here
6. City Home
7. No Trouble Living
8. Benediction
9. Back On The Corner
10. Tell Me Something
11. I Don't Want Much
12. News Nightclub
13. Perfect Moment
14. Look What The Good People Done Alternative Version Previously Unreleased


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