Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rock Revival's Classic Albums: Bruford (1979) One of a Kind

Who is the best drummer on the planet ? You cant go far wrong with Bill Bruford, British drummer, formerly of Yes, King Crimson and Genesis, a man noted for the forceful precision of his playing

One of a Kind is an album penned under the name of Bruford (their second) a band that featured none other than the great Allan Holdsworth bassist Jeff Berlin and keyboardist Dave Stewart

Here's an excerpt from a review by the great site progarchives

One of a Kind is a truly one of a kind album with some incredibly talented musicians playing some great complex and challenging music. There are really no weak tracks on this album and I can't really fault it with anything remotely bad. It's a perfect record, and I am proud to call it my favorite fusion record. Recommended to all fusion fans as well as those who like the power and prowess of Bill Bruford. 5/5.

Here he is, the drummers drummer, with the lead track from the album: enjoy !

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