Sunday, September 14, 2008

Introducing 1970's Heavy Aussie Rock Buffalo !!!

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Buffalo's hard rock style from the 1970s would ironically earn them their greatest success in the late '80s in countries such as France and Germany, thanks to the band's recordings on the collectible Vertigo label.

The first Australian band to sign to Vertigo, Buffalo was one of the heaviest bands, along with Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs and Blackfeather. Their debut album, Dead Forever..., sold over 25,000 copies and was followed by Volcanic Rock in July 1973 and Only Want You for Your Body in June 1974. Their controversial album covers were in the best heavy metal tradition, as were some of their outlandish song titles (such as "I'm a Skirtlifter, Not a Shirt Raiser"). Slide guitarist Norm Roue joined in mid-1974, but when guitarist John Baxter was fired, the band began it's downward spiral.

Karl Taylor joined the band and their next album, Mother's Choice, was released in March 1976: Phonogram had rejected their first two album title choices of Songs for the Frustrated Housewife (too sexual) and Thieves, Punks, Rip-offs and Liars (too controversial). By album's release, Roue and Taylor had left. Chris Turner then joined and Colin Stead made a short appearance. Bassist Peter Wells was next to leave and formed the highly successful Rose Tattoo. He was replaced by Ross Simms. Buffalo then supported Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow during their Australian tour in November 1976. By the time Buffalo's next album, Average Rock'n'Roller, was released in July 1977, they had disbanded

No vision available anywhere i am afraid but have a listen

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