Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today 40th Anniversary of Yes's First Ever Gig

is arguably the most popular prog rock band of all time, perhaps with the exception of Pink Floyd. Today marks the 40th anniversary of their first ever live gig, played their at the East Mersea Youth Camp in England on August 4, 1968. They then opened for Cream at their 1968 Farewell Concert from Royal Albert Hall.

The band first made their fame reinterpeting other people's songs, turning them into prog rock explorations, much like Vanilla Fudge had done from a psychedelic vein.

In September 1968 they replaced they subbed Sly and The Family Stone leading to an influential residency at London's, The Marquee club.

As a result they were chosen by Melody Maker columnist Tony Wilson (and Led Zeppelin) as the band "Most Likely To Succeed". He certainly knew how to pich 'em.

A year later they released their first album and the rest is history. This album was noticed by none other than Lester Bangs, who described the band as promising, the album displaying a "sense of style, taste and subtlety' in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Happy Anniversary !

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