Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rock Revival's Top Ten Crazy Covers Albums

1. Blow in the Wind: Me First and the Gimme Gimme's

The Beatles, The Clash, The Ramones and the Beach Boys all mashed up together into an unholy mess

2. Rhythms Del Mundo

Cuban musicians do U2, Coldplay and Jack Johnson

3. In a Metal Mood Pat Boone

The king of shmaltz does Van Halen, Deep Purple, ACDC. etc

4. Speak of the Devil Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy does a complete album of Black Sabbath covers ? What the ?

5. Masters of Chant

Oh God, Gregorian versions of Eric Clapton, Dire Straits and Simon and Garfunkel

6. Tori Amos Strange Little Girl

Tori rewrites men's songs from a female point of view, including The Stranglers, Slayer and Boomtown Rats

7. The Supremes Sing Country and Western

Who the hell thinks of these ideas ?

8. The Electro-House Tribute to Rob Zombie

Why ? Who bought it ? Who is Rob Zombie ?

9. Through the Looking Glass Toto

Toto does The Beatles, Steely Dan, Bob Marley and the Animals. Give me Boston Pops anyday

10. Stop in the Name of Love LaToya Jackson

The name says it all

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