Monday, August 4, 2008

Rock Revival's Mix Tape #13: Beyond Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin

Peeling the onion back on 70's rock can reveal many layers beneath the likes of Led Zeppelin, Sabbath and Pink Floyd. There is a virtual endless supply of surprises if you are willing to spend the time to look.

This is a playlist specially designed for people wanting to take their first dip into lesser known bands..........................

1. Keepin Time: Trapeze
2. I'm a Man: Q65
3. Hurry On Sundown: Hawkind
4. Ear in the Snow: Atomic Rooster
5. Royal Red Bouncer: Kayak
6. Satori #1: Flower Travellin Band
7. Crash Course in Brain Surgery:Budgie
8. Theme From Subway Sue: Pavlov's Dog
9. Chauffer: Black Cat Bones
10. Gambler Gambler: Elf
11. Proclamation: Gentle Giant
12. Gettin Betta: Pat Travers
13. Rock the nation: Montrose

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