Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rock Revival's Forgotten Classics (1971): Corpus 'Creation a Child'

This album is one of the rarest psychedelic albums you can get, much sought after and very expensive, at least in it's original version (it was reissued recently on cd and lp by Akarma).

Corpus were a Texan psych-blues band from Corpus Christi. They boast two excellent guitar players, William Grate and Richard De Leon.

This is not a heavy proto metal style of album, but a more 'feel good' record, boogie blues meets psychedelia, full of upbeat harmonies, clean guitar solos and well contructed songs. If your feeling down and need a little psychedelic pick-me-up this is the perfect record.

It's very hard to find out anything more about them but is available on ebay here

Highly recommended

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