Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rock Revival's Forgotten Classics (1970): The Move 'Shazam'


This LP, the second by UK band The Move marked a transition point between the bubble-gum-psychedelia of their early work and Electric Light Orchestra, Roy Wood's next band and the one that would shoot him to international fame.

Despite it's place in time between these two sounds, however, it sounded like neither. It was heavy: psychedelic, classical twists, but still heavy...some songs, namely 'Hello Susie' and 'Don't Make My Baby Blue' had more in common with Sabbath than the pop-classical ELO. There are also some ballads to balance things out making it a truly listenable album

The album never really made it in terms of sales but it remains a cult favourite to this day. No Shazam no Kiss, no Shazam (the band), formed in the 90's by a group og The Move's many cult followers

Highly recommended

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