Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Proto Metal's Endless Journey: Travel Beyond Black Sabbath Into the Unkown World of Early 70's Heavy Rock


I am going on quite a musical journey at the moment, initiated to a large degree by the great site The Ripple Effect , a site dedicated to hidden gems of rock and one that features a regular Proto-Metal Report.

What I really hadnt realised is that while most of us were listening to Sabbath and Zeppelin there were literally thousands of bands playing music of a similar calabre, heavy, psychedelic influenced, sometimes proto-prog-metal, music that really deserves to come out of hiding...

Chief among all these albums is probably Leaf Hound's Growers of Mushroom (UK, 1971), one of the most prized collectors albums that has ever been pressed.

I have also managed to listen to Quatermass, Captain Beyond, Atomic Rooster, Flower Travellin Band, Man, Warhorse, Trapeze, all deserving of attention

Then......a quick google into Encyclopaedia Metallum reveals the surprise that I havent even touched the surface; here are some of the albums they recommend

Elias Hulk's Unchained (UK, 1970)

Warpig's s/t (Canada, 1970)

Writing on the Wall's Power of the Picts (Ireland, 1969)

Epitaph's debut (Germany, 1971)

Lucifer's Friend's debut (Germany, 1970)

Lucifer's Friend's Where the Groupies... (1972)

Sir Lord Baltimore's Kingdom Come (USA, 1970)

Sir Lord Baltimore's s/t (1971)

Tear Gas's Piggy Go Getter (Scotland, 1970)

Tear Gas's (1971)

Zior's s/t (UK, 1971)

Zior's Every Inch a Man (1972)

Whalefeathers's Declare (UK, 1970)

Whalefeather's s/t second (1971)

May Blitz's s/t debut (UK, 1970).

Icecross (Iceland, 1973.

Blackfeather's At the Mountains of Madness (Aussie, 1971)

Asoka's s/t (Sweden, 1971).

Thunderpussy's Documents of Captivity (UK, 1973 ).

Steamhammer (UK, 1969 ).

Armaggedon's (Germany, 1970)

Cactus's debut (UK, 1970)

Dust's s/t and Harder Attack (USA, 1970 & 1972).

Horse's (UK, 1970).

Tractor's s/t (UK, 1971).

Bubble Puppy's A Gathering of Promises (USA, 1969).

Randy Holden's Population II (UK, 1970)

Third World War (UK, 1971.

Josefus's Dead Man (USA, 1970 (1969).

Buffalo's Dead Forever and Volcanic Rock (Aussie, 1972 & 1973).

Night Sun's Mournin' (Germany, 1972)

Power of Zeus's The Gospel According to Zeus (USA, 1970)

East of Eden's Mercator Projected (UK, 1969).

High Tide's Sea Shanties (UK, 1969)

Arcadium's Breathe Awhile (UK, 1969)

Three Man Army's Third of a Lifetime (UK, 1971)

Human Beast's Volume One (UK, 1970)

Gypsy's In the Garden (1971)

Sam Gopal's Escalator (UK, 1969 ).

Amish's s/t (UK, 1972)

Heloo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o.............please let me know any info you have on these bands......time to return to Lastfm to have a listen (and then max out my credit card)


The RIpple Effect said...

Now, that's a great list!! Thanks for the nod. Between you and me, we've got to cover all those wonderful, lost bands.

Surprisingly, Amazon has a lot of those CD's available, and there's a site called Shufly Sounds who sells lots of obscure proto metal.

Keep up the great work. I have Possessed, Armageddon and a new JPT Scare band release coming up on the Ripple soon.

The RIpple Effect said...

Oh yeah, Bang has to be on that list. You must check them out!

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