Friday, July 11, 2008

Worst Album of the Year ? Johnny Cash Remixed Featuring Snoop Dogg ? Release October 14

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Now for the most ridiculous album announcement of the year !!!!

Compadre Records/Music World Music has announced the release of Johnny Cash Remixed, featuring Johnny Cash in hip-hop and dance music mode.

Believe it or not, (or rather shizzle my nizzle) Snoop Doggy Dogg will be given a chance to committ sacrelege on the album

It's due for release October 14. A vinyl deluxe-edition will be available on September 23

"My father made his stead by defying the expected and accepted way of things" says John Carter Cash son of Johnny Cash trying to justify the album

"He set the standard at the same time. He would have loved this remix record. While it stays true to the original recordings, this CD touches on undiscovered ground. This is what my father was about: staying true to tradition while creating groundbreaking new music."

yeah right !


"I Walk The Line" featuring Snoop Dogg

"Country Boy" (Sonny J)

"Get Rhythm" (Philip Steir)

"Leave that Junk Alone" (Alabama 3)

,"Folsom Prison Blues" (the legendary Pete Rock),

"Hey Porter" (Mocean Worker),

"Sugartime" (Kennedy)

"Trail to Mexico (Sound/MIS),

"Doin' My Time" (The Heavy)

"Wide Open Road" (Count de Money)

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