Monday, July 7, 2008

Who Loves Nina Hagen ? Punk's Diva Extraordinaire

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Get ready for the ride of your life ! Nina Hagen is the operatic genius of classic punk, the German vocal Olympian who released her first album in 1977

According to reviewer Fritz Rumler,

… she thrusts herself into the music, aggressively, directly, furiously, roars in the most beautiful opera alto, then, through shrieks and squeals, precipitates into luminous soprano heights, she parodies, satirises, and howls on stage like a dervish.

Later, she cemented her image and her fame by an appearance on an Austrian talk show called Club 2, in which she demonstrably described masturbation techniques.

In 1982 she released her tour de force,her first English-language album, appropriatley named NunSexMonkRock, a dissonant mix of punk, funk, reggae, and opera.

This would be the peak of her career. Her 1985 album Nina Hagen In Ekstasy, did less well. By the 90's she was living in Paris with her daughter Cosma Shiva and son Otis.

She did appear, breifly, reincarnated as a Hare Krishna, on her 1999 album Om Namah Shivay, but struck rich again with the cover of Rammstein's 'Seeman', with cello-metal band

If you download one song only it has to be 'African Reggae'; you'll fall in love, move directly to Berlin and realise that that was only memories of a distant girl at Uni in 1982.

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