Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Uriah Heep at Rottenberg Prison and Butlin's Style Heepvention 2008


Uriah Heep will play a special concert for the inmates of Rottenburg prison in Germany tomorrow

The prison, housed in a former castle will serve as the site for the release of their new album
'Wake the Sleeper', their first in ten years.


If you are a card carrying cult member of the Uriah Heep fan club you can also get yourself accross to Grenada, Spain September 19 and 20 for Heepvention 2008.

Heepsters (like Deadheads or perhaps more like Trekkies) follow every move of the band, with a special cult following in Europe.

Heepfest 2008 includes a Heepster Song Contest! A Heepster Jam Band ! Free Tapas ! Sounds a bit like Butlin's holiday camp.

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