Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Todd Rundgren: Anti-Rock Hero Interview


Todd Rundgren was recently interviewed by theboulderweekly

He discusses his approach to music

“When I make records, ideally the effect will be to provoke thought, not simply to give pleasure or make people forget things,” “I realize that, in the past, my music has meant that to some people. They feel down, and so they listen to one of the songs and it makes them feel better. I’m not necessarily doing that kind of music much anymore. Particularly with the latest album, there’s a sense of urgency. I’m a little more concerned about the world that my children and their children are inheriting, and I’m not interested in providing anesthesia.”

The making of his new album Arena due september 2008

“I don’t even use the typical tools that people use anymore. I did this entire recent album on my laptop. I live in Hawaii, ya know. I really enjoy just sitting around and staring off at the sky, and I don’t need a whole lot of technology to make me happy, and I never have. I assimilate the technology too easily, and it makes people think I’m fascinated with it. The problem with human beings is once we know something, we never forget it. If all of the televisions on the planet disappeared tomorrow, it wouldn’t be long before someone had reinvented them, because we already have the concept and we already know how they work, and so eventually we would reinvent everything we had destroyed. Any book we burn will eventually be rewritten. The solution is not about us with or without technology, it’s about us and the way we think.”

He also talks about his time with The New Cars, The beatles and much more


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