Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rock Revival's Mix Tape #4: The Deep Purple Family Tree

Rationale: Because the on and off ramps for Deep Purple has often been better than the main game, because my dad bought me Made in Japan when i was 12, because Child in Time is as good as Freebird and Stairway, because of the B3, Come taste the band !!

1. Gettin Tighter Deep Purple
2. Standing in the Rain James Gang
3. Mean Streets Niacin
4. Tarot Woman Rainbow
5. Post Toastie Tommy Bolin
6. Medusa Trapeze
7. Sign of the Southern Cross: Dio and Black Sabbath
8. Fires at Midnight Blackmore's Night
9. Child in Time Ian Gillan band
10. Love Communion Glenn Hughes
11. Sweet Home Chicago: Peter Green, Glenn Hughes, Paul Rodgers
12. Snowbound: Tommy Bolin and Alphonse Mouzon
13. Slide it In Whitesnake
13. Flight of the rat Deep Purple

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