Monday, July 14, 2008

Rob Tognoni's New Release 'Blues Boulevard' Due August 4 2008

"Plenty of fancy fretwork, screaming chords and scintillating solos...the vocals sound gruff and great and the production is right on the money" *** - Rock 'n' Reel.

"Rob Tognoni is one of the finest guitar players around today. His work is a combination of classic rock, blues & blues rock and is done with utmost passion and precision" - Bandit Blues Radio.

"A stunning guitarist with killer licks and a fine blues rockfeel..." - Jazz M.

Pretty good kudos for Rob Tognoni, Australian-Italian who was first inspired by seeing AC/DC at the tender age of 14 in 1974.

Rob's first band, formed in 1986, was called the Outlaws, they became the Desert Cats in 1990.

Australian slide-guitarist Dave Hole gave Rob his first big break; he heard Tognoni's music in 1994 and helped him to get a record contract with the Dutch label Provogue/Mascot Records. This was Rob's international breakthrough.

Hole produced Rob's first CD "Stones And Colours", which was released through Europe in 1995. It was an immediate success and received critical acclaim. The follow up CD "Headstrong" (1997) and 'The Ironyard' (2006) have also gained a laerge cult following

Rob Tognoni's new album 'Blues Boulevard' is due for release 4 August 2008

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1 Rain 2 Isolate 3 My Detonation 4 Shoot To Kill 5 Dogs With Fleas 6 I Got You You Got Me 7 Good Die Young 8 Let Your Love Fly 9 Reboot 10 God Bless America 11 Ballad Of Julie Ann 12 Like A Rolling Stone 13 Stupefy Me 14 Product Of A Southern Land bonus track 15 Red House bonus track

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