Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Real Top Ten: Which Albums Have You Listened to the Most Over the Past 20 Years ?

It seems to me the true test of which albums you really like are which you listen to the most; you might put Captain Beefheart or Pet Sounds, obscure Zappa or Television on your list of the best albums but what do you keep returning too ? Which albums have you worn a hole in over the past 20 or even 30 years ?

Drop us a line and let us know...

Here's mine

1. Rolling Stones Black and Blue

2. Hendrix: Band of Gypsies

3. Bob Marley Exodus

4. Elton John Tumbleweed Connection

5. Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous

6. The Eagles Greatest Hits

7. Jeff Beck Live with Jan Hammer

8. Bad Company Desolation Angels

9. Black Sabbath Paranoid

10. James Taylor Mud Slide Slim

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Anonymous said...


1. Wishbone Ash "Argus"

2. Armageddon (self-titled) - w. Keith Relf of Yardbirds

3. Demics (self-titled)

4. Rolling Stones "Some Girls"

5. Status Quo "Live" - Apollo/Glasgow show

6. Animals "Greatest Hits" - (BEST OF albums are for wimps, yes, but this is a GREAT collection)

7. Ramones "Rocket To Russia"

8. UFO "Strangers In The Night" - double-live album

9. The Who "Quadrophenia"

10. Teenage Head "Frantic City"