Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mixed Reviews For (Ritchie) Blackmore's Night's New Album Secret Voyage

Blackmore's Night has always been a band that would split opinions; if you want Ritchie back a la Rainbow forget it,, if you love medievil folk-rock you''l be fine. Here are some selected reviews of Secret Voyage which came out last month

For me, on "Secret voyage" Ritchie and Candice do exactly what they needed to do. While the album is totally recognisable as a Blackmore's Night album, it also breaks new ground and adds enchanting new dimensions to their repertoire. The fact that this combines with some excellent songs, and a stunning new band classic ("Locked within the crystal ball") means that we here have what may well become nominated as their best album to date
. Prog Archives

The only other song really worth mentioning is the Rainbow classic 'Rainbow Eyes', but all the other ones just crawl out of you speakers and before you know it the album has already ended without any of the other seven tunes really making any impression. Nope, it seems that Blackmore's Night have very little magic left to conjure and get me in their spell once more. Pity, but like they say, all good things come to an end. Lords of Metal

..the lyrics inspired by nature and fantasy, partially recorded on renaissance-period instruments, and arranged with a contemporary dramatic flair that features the brilliant acoustic and electric guitar stylings of This kaleidoscopic musical journey through time and space incorporates traditional folk music from around the world. The album blends haunting ancient melodies with newly written NightBlackmore. This cd is sure to transport you to a simpler, more magical time, away from the stresses of modern day life. Metal Rage

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