Thursday, July 3, 2008

How Long is the Longest Song Ever Made ? How About 639 Years !!

What's the longest song ever made: Freebird, Stairway to Heaven, Child in Time ? No way it's John Cage's "ORGAN2/ASLSP As Slow aS Possible", a song that is currently being played for it's 639 year duration; man that's some long guitar solo.

Tomorrow also will bring a very special event in the German town of Halberstadt, where it is being played. The whole town will come together to listen to the sixth chord change !!! And the song started way back in 2001 !!!

The whole thing is played on a specially made organ

"The organ has come to represent the city of Halberstadt," head of the John Cage Organ Project, Hans-Jörg Bauer told The Local. "Every year there is more interest."

"It's clearly audible from outside the church. Whether it's pretty or not doesn't matter - it's a dissonance," Bauer said, adding that the project had been forced to erect a plastic sound barrier outside the church due to complaints from the neighbors.

Cage wrote ASLSP in 1985 for the piano, but changed it to an organ piece in 1987. The first performance lasted 29 minutes, and a more recent recording lasts 71 minutes. The current Halberstadt performance, however, is meant to put society's perceptions of time and music to the test.

"The question of how to realize the opus leads to the conclusion that 'as slow as possible' can be thought and played indefinitely," the project's website states. "At least as long as the life of an organ lasts remains and also as long as peace and creativity in the following generations exist."

Source: The Local
Image: Atlantic

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