Friday, July 11, 2008

Grateful Dead - Rocking The Cradle (Egypt 1978) (4 Disc) Release Sptember 30 2008

After what has already been a great year for vintage Grateful Dead releases (Winterland Box, The 'Road Trips' series...) you would have been forgiven for thinking that might be it.

Well, how about this.... "The Grateful Dead rises from its storied past on a three-disc set that recaptures three historic shows at the foot of the Great Pyramid in Giza"

Released on September 30th. and containing three hours of music on two CDs, plus a DVD with 'Fire on the Mountain', 'Deal', 'Bertha' and 10 other songs from the final show (shot during a lunar eclipse) and previously unreleased "Vacation Tapes" of the band before the trip. Only three of the 18 CD tracks have been released earlier.

The initial release will contain an exclusive eight-song bonus disc with more unreleased performances, including 'Eyes of the World'.

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