Friday, July 11, 2008

Fly Your Freak Flag High ! Rock Revival's Ultimate Hippy Playlist

Have you heard I'd Love to be a Hippy off Northern Mississippi Allstars new album Hernando. What an incredible piece of blues. I'm sure alot of us echo the sentiments (here's a sample)

It's like that feeling when you go to a festival, see all the ferals, wish you could drop out, buy a few bangles and maybe fishermans pants but realise it was all a beautiful dream when you come back home

Here's a playlist to keep us dreaming

1. I'd Love to be a Hippy Northern MIssissippi Allstars
2. Almost Cut My Hair CSNY
3. I Feel Like I'm Fixin To Die Rag Country Joe and the Fish
4. High Flyin Bird Jefferson Airplane
5. Fortunate Son Creedence
6. Eve of Destruction Barry McGuire
7. Coming Into Los Angeles Arlo Guthrie
8. Enchanted Gypsy Donovan
9. Younger Generation John Sebastian
10. California Joni Mitchell
11. Im Gonna Say It Now Phil Ochs
12. Here Comes the Sun Richie Havens
13. If I Were a Carpenter Tim Hardin
14. Stone Free Jimi Hendrix
15. White rabbit Jefferson Airplane
16. 8 Miles High The Byrds
17. Blowin in the Wind Dylan
18. Scarborough Fair Bert Jansch
19. Pink Moon Nick Drake
20 House of the Rising Sun Odetta

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