Saturday, July 5, 2008

Family - 'Old Songs New Songs' Box Set Re-Release

FAMILY were and still are one of the most revered bands to come out of the late Sixties early Seventies. Fronted by the manic but prolific vocalist ROGER CHAPMAN, Family were one of the most popular bands on the UK and European gig and festival circuit where their particular brand of “progressive art rock”, backed by Chapman’s on stage antics and a brilliant band excited audiences everywhere.

The band became a brilliant vehicle for the song writing partnership of Roger Chapman and CHARLIE WHITNEY who were joined along the way by a number of top musicians including JOHN WETTON and later TONY ASHTON.

The popularity of Family was reflected by top thirty singles including a number 4 with “In My Own Time” and 7 top thirty albums, with “A Song For Me” reaching number 4, “Entertainment” number 6 and “Anyway” number 7.

A 5 CD Box Set is set to be released very soon by Mystic Records

1. 49 tracks including 14 previously unreleased performances
2. The first release on CD of the album “Old Songs New Songs”.
3. Booklet written by Pete Feenstra on the history of Family, featuring quotes from band members and previously unseen photo’s.
4. A reproduction of the 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival programme. The bonus CD features eleven historically significant demo’s and live performances.

1 Hurry Up Down
2 Today
3 Observations From A Hill
4 Good Friend Of Mine
5 Drowned In Wine
6 Peace Of Mind
7 Hometown
8 Cat And The Rat
9 No Mule's Fool
10 See Through Windows
11 Weavers Answer
1 Drowned In Wine unreleased demo
2 Love Is A Sleeper
3 Stop For The Traffic
4 Wheels
5 Song For Sinking Lovers
6 Number Six Blues unreleased demo
7 Song For Me
8 No Mule's Fool unreleased demo
9 Good News Bad News live
10 Part Of The Load
11 Normans
12 Holding The Compass
13 Anyway
14 Strange Band live
1 Burlesque
2 Bolero Babe
3 Coronation
4 My Friend The Sun
5 Glove
6 Ready To Go
7 Top Of The Hill
8 Rockin' B's
9 In My Own Time
10 Seasons
11 Between Blue And Me live
12 Sing 'Em The Way I Feel live
13 Sat'd'y Barfly
14 Larf And Sing
15 Spanish Tide live
16 Crinkley Grin
1 Blind
2 Burning Bridges
3 Children live
4 Take Your Partners
5 It's Only A Movie
6 Buffet Tea For Two
7 Sweet Desire
8 Rockin' Pnuemonia And Boogie Woogie Flu live
9 Suspicion
10 Checkout
11 In My Own Time live
12 Weavers Answer live

Bonus Disc 5 – 1. Song For Lot’s 2. Theme For A Dream 3. Wheels 4. Kick A Cat* 5.Sinking Lovers* 6. Part Of The Load 7. Drowned In Wine 8. Holding The Compass 9. Good News Bad News 10. The Weavers Answer 11. A Song For Me …original working titles – Tracks 1-5 are previously unreleased demos. Tracks 6-11 Previously unreleased live recording from Circus Krone Munich recorded 7/11/1970..

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