Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Journey Meets Slayer " ? Dragonforce Reveal Artwork for 'Ultra Beatdown' New Release Due August 25 2008

, English power metal band and owners of the fastest riffs in rock, will release their new album, "Ultra Beatdown", on August 25

If you havent heard them before they are a blend of melodic rock, video game music and metal

Guitarist Herman Li told Guitar World people label them "Nintendo metal,' 'extreme power metal', 'Bon Jovi on Speed,' 'Journey Meets Slayer,' ...people are always coming up with weird labels for us."

Regarding the new album: "Our new album is faster and heavier,' and then it's never true, so we're not gonna say that. But playing fast just works for us. People who say we play too fast are probably right, but guess what? There's a million other bands that play slow. People listen to DRAGONFORCE and go to the show because they know that we're doing something other bands aren't doing."

Guitarist Sam Totman, in discussing the album says: "It's not going to be majorly different. But hopefully the melodies will be nicer, the guitar solos will be better, the production will be better. You just try to improve in every area."

Vocalist ZP Theart , "There isn't much to change, but yet there is. The last three albums have been very much guitar-orientated, and this one probably will be as well, but I want to try to do some extra coloring in with the vocals."

There will be an extensive UK tour through October, with support coming from Finnish folk metal act Turisas.

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